Opening the app

This app has no malware content. However, Apple warns of apps from unregistered developers as shown below.
You can just click open using the right button of the mouse.

See more in detail about Apple's security policy:

Allow FullCovered to access music players

Fullcovered requires access to the music player to get information about the track from and control the music player. To allow this app to access the music player, you can click OK to the popup window when you launch this app for the first time. You can also set this in the system preferences (System Preferences / Security & Privacy / Privacy / Automation).


track information

  • Loved and rating: shows different items depending on the music player. Apple Music shows both loved and rating with read/write (Apple Music streaming service only supports loved feature). Spotify shows read-only rating(popularity) only. Hermes shows loved only, with read/write attributes.



  • Artwork position: the position of the artwork on screen. "L/R Toggle" means that the artwork position changes at every new track.
  • Get artwork from a third-party database if available: get artwork from a third-party DB when playing Apple Music streaming. This app tries to find the best match by using the track's name, artist or album name. The artwork may not be found or mismatch.
  • Toggle multiple artworks: In the local library of Apple Music or iTunes, a track can have more than one artwork. If this field is checked, FullCovered shows the artworks in turn at every time interval set by "Toggle interval (sec)".


system settings

  • Start a music player with FullCovered: FullCovered invokes the selected music player when launching. If the selected music player is "Auto selection", this app doesn't invoke any player.
  • Prevent display and computer sleeping while playing: If this setting is on, FullCovered prevents the system from sleeping while a track is playing. If this setting is off, or a player's state is paused, stopped or etc., it follows the system settings of macOS.


Known issues

  • In Apple Music streaming: When adding a track by "Play Next" or "Play Later", Apple Music or iTunes doesn't support information of the track.
  • In Apple Music streaming: Sometimes, it fails to get artwork from the third-party DB when opening this app. It could happen due to a slow network or slow response from the DB server.
  • In Apple Music Library (Catalina): It doesn't support displaying multiple artworks at this moment(Jan 2020) due to Apple API issues. This feature will be back after Apple API supports it.
  • Update from the old version: If the app crashes at launch, delete the following files and folder (, ~/Library/Preferences/com.smk.FullCovered.plist and ~/Library/Caches/com.smk.FullCovered) and reinstall the app.