Listen to the music with album artworks at fullscreen


Optimized for a full-screen view
Show multiple artworks if the track has multiple artworks
Change artwork position on the screen automatically or manually
Prevent display and computer sleep while playing
Keyboard shortcuts for play/pause, previous song, next song, volume control, etc.
Change fonts and it's size to your style


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FullCovered is a macOS application for Apple's Music (or iTunes) / Spotify / Hermes (Pandora client) visualizer

This application was developed for personal use. Because I couldn't find any visualizer that shows album artwork in full screen.
It makes me feel like looking at the vinyl cover while listening to the music with an LP record.

"Play, sit back and enjoy the music"


System requirements

Built and tested on macOS 10.15, Catalina
Built and tested on macOS 10.14, Mojave
Optimized for Full HD (1920x1080) screen resolution or higher

If you see a warning message and can’t open the app: Right-click -> Open
* High Sierra version: Download
Version History
  • v1.1.0
    • improves the shortcut input method more intuitively in the Preferences (Re-registration required)
    • disables a pop-up alert window when players are not activated after boot
    • shows release notes in 'Check for Updates' window and, changes UI of Download window
    • fixes mouse didn't disappear when the app became a key window
    • fixes reset action in the Preferences, which didn't reset recently added buttons: reset is applied to each preference tab separately
  • v1.0.5
    •  adds control buttons for player
    • previous, play/pause, next, fast forward, rewind
    • FF and RW work only with Apple Music
    • automatically shows and hides by mouse movement
    • fixes the app stuck when Music is in sleep mode: this occurred only after system boot
  • Version 1.0.4
    • enhance artwork match for Apple Music streaming
    • for Catalina, displaying multiple artworks was disabled temporarily
    • fix : changing hotkey doesn't work on first try
    • many feature enhancements and bug fixes.
previous versions
  • Version 1.0.0
    • finally, support artwork for Apple Music streaming
    • enhance stability in changing artwork image, etc.
  • Version 0.9.1
    • support macOS 10.15, Catalina
    • fix : some fonts are not displayed
  • Version 0.8.7
    • fix : renewal of code signing certificate of Apple
  • Version 0.8.6
    • fix : codec information doesn't show properly after track changes
    • fix : application has been blocked for a few minutes when Spotify is automatically launched at boot time
    • stability improvement
  • Version 0.8.4
    • Support Spotify and Hermes(Pandora client) as well as iTunes
    • Select a music player manually or automatically
    • Show/hide the current music player's icon
    • Support custom hotkeys
    • Added a volume control bar
    • Improved stability and performance
    • Suppress beep sound when a hot-key hits
  • Version 0.5.3
    • Add track info.: loved and rating of the track
    • Add option: show/hide each information of the track
    • Add option: start iTunes with FullCovered
    • Add function for check for update
    • Add hot keys: hit 'h' for the hotkeys' list
    • Adjust spaces between the track information
    • Improve many things... & bug fix
  • version 0.3.4
    • font size changes automatically depending on size of the window.
    • fit artwork to it's full size on screen even if it is not a square.
    • bug fix: elapsed progress time is truncated.
  • version 0.3.2
    • hide window frame
    • bug fix: preference setting by reset, close and apply
  • version 0.3.1
    • hotkey: 'n' for forced change to the next artwork
    • bug fix: artwork and vinyl position
  • version 0.2.1
    • reset preferences to defaults
  • version 0.2.0
    • auto resizing artwork and vinyl image
  • version 0.1.3
    • show current progress time
  • version 0.1.2
    • prevent computer sleep
  • version 0.1.1
    • add artwork position: left, right, toggle
    • hotkeys: 'v' for the vinyl view, 'm' for multiple artworks
  • version 0.1.0
    • first version







FullCovered is a freeware software. We put a lot of time and effort in developing and maintaining the app. But it doesn't matter. We are happily developing this app for ourselves and for you. We would be very happy if you like this app and even consider donating. 


If you have any question, suggestion, or bug report, feel free to contact.

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